Professional Evaluations in Metro Atlanta from Atlanta Counseling & Evaluation Services

If life's stressors are pulling you down, or it seems you cannot perform your personal or social responsibilities properly and you realize the fact that you must improve, you just might be in need of counseling or therapy services in Metro Atlanta. But before that, you will need to undergo evaluations in our offices in Metro Atlanta in order to help identify whatever issues and problem that are troubling you.

Atlanta Counseling and Evaluation Services provide a professional environment and expertise designed to help and evaluate individuals in need of counseling, psychiatric treatment and substance abuse assessment. ACES assistance is available to groups and individuals of all ages, be it children, adolescents, adults or the elderly.

Counseling is an essential part in a person's life, especially during times of vulnerability. There are challenges in your lifetime that you cannot handle on your own; hurdles that require positive outside influence and advice from experts in the field of psychotherapy and assessment. Problems can be caused by multiple reasons and can occur within or outside your family or the workplace. These difficulties you experience might have led you to engage in dangerous activities that are detrimental to various aspects in your life. A downward spiral can result, making it seem impossible to get out of a bad situation.

We at ACES services understand the different issues that affect you and believe that counseling is one of the effective ways to help you become better. And with our clinical evaluation services here in the Metro Atlanta area, we can identify your issues and help you accordingly. We allow you to delve into your thoughts and emotions, helping you have a clearer perspective of yourself. Interaction is an essential ingredient of our service. In this manner you can deal with yourself and the reality of your surroundings properly. Our professional team members are sincerely interested in your holistic wellness for you to be better and more productive individuals in your family, workplace and the society in general.

It is our honest and open goal in ACES to be of assistance in your concerns related to anger, marital and family relationships, alcohol and DUI issues, addiction and depression or anxiety. Your desire to have an enjoyable life is within reach and can be fulfilled through our services.

With our professional help, you can look forward to feelings of confidence, comfort and security. You will have a renewed connection with your partner, family and friends. You can learn how to manage stress better and have an improved understanding of your way of thinking and dealing with emotions. Children, adolescents, adults and the elderly need not suffer for long for the expert teams of Atlanta Counseling and Evaluation Services will provide the appropriate counseling and therapy that is needed to make lives more pleasant and enjoyable in Metro Atlanta.

Atlanta Counseling and Evaluation Services located in Roswell, Atlanta, aims to serve Roswell, Alpharetta, Woodstock, Dunwoody, Sandy Springs and all of North Atlanta communities making citizens live better, positive lives.


When it comes to professional evaluations in Metro Atlanta, GA, you can count on the expert counselors of ACES Counseling. If you have any questions with regard to the services we offer, please phone 678-795-0346 or 770-310-1299, e-mail or contact us via our contact web page.